3 Trends To Follow With Your Gold Coast Patio in 2020: Bring The Comfort Of The Indoors To Your Outside Living Area

2020 has put a major pause on everything and people are really finding out how much leisure and comfort their homes have to offer. This has lead to a rise in people looking to renovate their homes or becoming interested in creating a space outdoors that can facilitate their family and friends. A functional patio allows you to connect with your loved ones in the open air and share meals and games in a comfortable and safe environment. Luckily the Gold Coast has the perfect climate for creating the outdoor living space of your dreams.

If you are anything like us, updating your existing patio, or designing your own custom outdoor living area will be one of the most exciting projects to add to your ‘to-do’ list this year. Below we have compiled four of the most popular design trends that are sweeping Gold Coast backyards:

  1. Have You Considered The Benefits Of The Ever Trendy Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is fabulous for entertaining and increasing the value of your home, it creates a fun, interactive setting the entire family can enjoy. You can customise your outdoor kitchen with special features such as a pizza oven or fire pit.

  1. Yes, Designer Deck Floors Are A Thing, And We Love Them 

The flexibility and creativity that the market offers us today in terms of patio and deck flooring is something that could never have been imagined a couple of decades ago. Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, various plank widths and lengths and modern inlays that can highlight focal areas of your outdoor living space, you could even bring complementary colours from inside your home to your outside living space to create a cohesive and elegant addition to your home.

  1. Brick Is Back, Baby

Nowadays, when we think of decks and patios, we often envision large, wooden decks and cute little BBQ-facilitating stone patios. We all too often overlook the aesthetic impact and value of a sleek, brick patio. Simple and effective, a professionally laid, brick patio with a breakfast table and some beautiful flowers surrounding it can be the perfect space to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or some brunch and a book.

If you are considering revamping or creating your own outdoor living space this year, contact us at Marek’s Maintenance and Construction for a quote.