5 Key Things Every Carpenter In Tweed Heads Wishes Their Clients Knew

Calling a reputable carpenter in Tweed Heads is the best place to start if you are looking to get some custom pieces made or have wooden furniture that requires repairs. Once you’ve set up an appointment, it’s important that you show up prepared. Not knowing what you want or failing to communicate it properly can leave both you and your carpenter of choice frustrated. In this blog, we share a few common things that carpenters wish their clients knew beforehand. This will give you insight into what’s expected of you as well as what you can expect from us.

The Clearer Your Brief, The Better I’m Able To Do My Job

The brief is the bedrock of any carpentry project, especially for custom creations. No detail is too small, so during your first consultation, put down on paper exactly what it is you require. This way, the carpenter can apply their skill to produce results that match your expectations.

A Detailed Contract Maps Out Expectations And Protects Both Of Our Interests

Once both parties have agreed to the same terms, it’s time to make things legal. Signing a contract sets out clear terms for the entire agreement so that neither the client nor the carpenter blindsides the other.

Let Me Know If You Prefer That I Buy Materials

Seasoned carpenters usually have go-to suppliers and other networks that may work out cheaper for you. We will include this in our invoice, so that you don’t have to go up and down shopping aisles while you could be getting other stuff done.

Cheaper Usually Doesn’t Always Equal Better

While carpenters can help you save on costs, remember that quality should be a priority. Don’t focus on spending the lowest amount, but rather how much value you receive in relation to the amount you spend. This will help you determine whether or not certain things are worth it for you.

Communicate Changes In Advance So That I Can Work Around Them

There’s nothing wrong with a change of plans. Just make sure that your carpenter is on the same page as you.

So, what should be your main takeaway be here? Communication and consistency. That’s all we ask. As long as you communicate openly and show up for your end of the bargain, we’ll make sure the job runs smoothly. Contact us to learn more.