Give These 4 Property Maintenance Hacks A Try On Your Gold Coast Property

Keeping your property looking and operating at its best can be challenging. However, with innovative thinking and expert help, you’ll find that it works out easier than you think. In this blog, we share a number of our favourite creative hacks for property maintenance on Gold Coast Homes. These tips are meant to help you out when you need a quick fix and are by no means a replacement for professional services.

Maintenance Hack #1: Use Empty Wine Bottles To Water Your Plants When You’re Not Home

Nothing is as disappointing as returning from travels only to find that most of your plants have died from dehydration. Next time, before you leave, pour water into two or more wine bottles – depending on how extensive your garden is – and place them into the soil head first. Your plants will take in the water they need while you’re away.

Maintenance Hack #2: Throw A Tennis Ball Or Two Into Your Swimming Pool For Oil Absorption

It’s easy for swimming pools to collect oily residue from the lotions and sunscreen we put on. To avoid it becoming a problem, you can use tennis balls to collect those oils, as they’re highly absorptive.

Maintenance Hack #3: Keep Leftover Paint Safe So You Can Touch Up When Necessary

When painting outdoor surfaces, it’s likely that you won’t finish all the paint. This is good because, it means you can do touch ups every now and then as the surfaces get stained or fade because of weather conditions.

Maintenance Hack #4: Use Chalk To Prevent Rust From Forming In Your Toolbox

A rusty toolbox can be frustrating when you need to use the contents inside it. Rather than wait until all your tools are rusted, leave a few pieces of chalk inside your toolbox. They will take in moisture from the air, which slows down the rusting process.

Hire Professionals To Keep Your Property In Pristine Condition

All these ideas are great, but they can only take you so far. The best results will come from investing in proper property maintenance for your Gold Coast home. Call us today.