Home Renovations on the Gold Coast: 5 Trendy Ideas to Try This Summer

Great weather, fearless fashion, and all the ice cream you could dream of aren’t the only things to look forward to this summer. This is also the best time to take on that renovation project you’ve been thinking about. Reinvent your living space this holiday season by incorporating some of the top trends. If you’re not sure what they are, we’ve got a few ideas. As experts in home renovations on the Gold Coast, we have included a list of projects for you to try out in this blog.

Renovation Trend #1: A Fresh Coat of Summer-Colour Paint

Switching it up doesn’t always mean you have to break down walls and rebuild. Sometimes all you need is a fresh pop of colour to bring your home alive. Paint or wallpaper does the trick, just chat to us about where to find the best colours and patterns.

Renovation Trend #2: Install A Brand-New Air-Conditioning System or Fans

It’s not all about looks – function matters too. If the cooling you currently have isn’t effective anymore, it may be time for a new system. Whether it’s an air conditioning unit, ceiling fans, or both it’s up to you.

Renovation Trend #3: Unclog, Replace & Repair Your Damaged Gutters

By this time of year your gutters may be full of leaves. Or perhaps your gutters have experienced a bit of wear and tear over the years? If so, hiring a handyman could get all of these maintenance and repair issues sorted quickly.

Renovation Trend #4: Upgrade Your Bathrooms with New Tiles & Fixtures

In coastal areas such as the Gold Coast, bathrooms are often themed to be an extension of the seaside bliss outside. If you want to emulate this aesthetic, look at making some changes to the layout of your bathroom or add some seaside inspired tiles. Updating the space with new fixtures and fittings can be an economical way to achieve a fresh new look.

Renovation Trend #5: Revamp the Pool & Add a Shade Structure

Where else would you rather be than in or alongside your pool during the holidays? If crowded beaches aren’t your thing, a backyard pool is an amazing alternative. Get the pool cleaned up and build a shaded barbeque area to escape the summer heat. Or perhaps add a shade so you can still enjoy the pool without worrying about getting burnt.

It’s all about making your home the perfect hideout this summer. Team up with the right specialist to turn your vision into reality. At Marek’s Maintenance and Construction, we provide top tier home renovations on the Gold Coast. Get a free quote today.