Incorporate Fruit Tree Planting Into Your Landscaping in Robina

Australian summers are the perfect season to grow fruit trees. And while most garden enthusiasts and homeowners stick to the typical flowers and shrubs, why not make summer landscaping on Robina property a little different this year with the incorporation of fruit trees.

Fruit trees are not only easy to grow, but they come in a large variety and offer the homeowner delicious fruit year after year. All you need is the right climate – which Robina has – and a nice sunny position in your garden with some healthy soil.

Why Not Add Citrus To Your Landscaping Space

Enjoying a mild, warm climate, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, limes, cumquats, and mandarins are the perfect fruit tree to grow in your garden. Be sure to plant them in a north-facing position – to take full advantage of the beautiful sunshine Robina experiences. Citrus tree plants can handle mild frost but keep them away from the wind. They also do best in loam, and sandy soil so avoid placing them in heavy clay soil, as it does not allow for sufficient drainage. Easy to maintain, citrus trees do not need as much attention as other flora species which require a lot of time and tending to. The need for pruning is minimal, and fertilizer is best just before the real heat of summer begins.

We Recommend You Add Deciduous Fruit Trees To Your Landscape

Imagine growing apples, plums, peaches, pears and nectarines right in your backyard. Now is a great time to plant these trees before the peak of the summer heat hits. To have flourishing deciduous trees, be sure to water them often after planting, and choose a spot that has plenty of sunshine. While able to grow in a variety of soils, avoid heavy soil.

Whether looking for assistance in the garden or around the house, Marek’s Maintenance And Construction can get the landscaping job done with professional service delivery. Get in touch for a quote on our fruit tree planting and landscaping services in Robina.