Quiz Time: 5 Questions to Ask a Handyman on the Gold Coast Before You Hire

The wear and tear that comes about from living in a house can sneak up on you when you least expect it. It’s the small things, like leaking taps, little cracks, and insufficient storage space that can spiral out of control if you leave them for too long. If you’re not one for DIY, you should be looking for a trustworthy professional to take care of these odd jobs for you. The following questions are great for gauging if you’ve found the right handyman on the Gold Coast.

Question #1: How Much Will You Charge Me for Your Services?

It’s imperative that you know how much a project will cost. Some contractors charge by the hour, while others charge per job. This can affect the overall amount, so crunch the numbers. it’s always best to get clarity on the expected cost of the job so that you don’t get nasty surprises at the end.

Question #2: Do You Have a License to Operate in This Area?

You want to be sure that you’re hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and complies with industry standards. A certificate and/or license is the best way to tell.

Question #3: What Kind of Experience do you Have?

Another indicator that you have found the right handyman will be the experience they have. If they’ve done a project like yours before, it’s likely that they will do it well. Ask to see a portfolio with photographs of previous projects.

Question #4: Does the Contract include a Guarantee on Work Completed?

Things happen. Maybe the contractor misses a step or breaks something else while working. A guarantee protects you for an amount of time after completion.

Question #5: How Long Will You Take to Finish the Project?

Most professional contractors can provide reliable and accurate estimates of how long they anticipate a project will take. It’s important to ask your contractor how they will schedule your job, an estimated timeframe for completion and an understanding of reasons why it might take longer. Always try to find a handyman or contractor who is friendly to deal with and forthcoming with information.

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