Summer Is On Its Way So Hire A Handyman In Tweed Heads To Build Your New Vertical Garden

With summer on its way, homeowners will start getting out their spades and garden forks and putting their green thumb to good use. However, if you are residing in a small property with only a tiny garden, there is still the possibility of having a beautiful, functional garden space. Knowing how to make the most of a tight space is something that we at Marek’s specialise in. In this blog, we provide tips on how to build your very own metal vertical garden. Recommended for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces, these vertical gardens, whether made of wood or metal, are the perfect space to hang pots, grow pretty flowers as well as vegetables.

What You Will Need 

When it comes to the tools, you will need a welding machine, aluminum welding rods, a tape measure, masking tape, paper and a pen, angler or a hacksaw. Then you’ll need plant pots, compost, vegetables to plant and 14m of 6mm-thick aluminum rod. While you may not have all these tools or materials, our handyman at Marek’s sure do.

Follow These Steps

First, you will need to measure your space, whether on a fence, boundary wall or external property wall. Draw it up on a piece of paper. Then, cut six lengths of aluminum rod, measured out to be 500mm each. These six pieces of rod will become the hoops that will hold the plant pots. Now you will need to bend each of these into hoops. It does take some strength and be sure to do this safely. The ends need to meet each other and be welded together.

Next, you will need to take a 1m length of the aluminum rod to form one of your trellis’ vertical lines. Firmly fix your first hoop at 65mm, then fix your second hoop at 500mm, and attach your third hoop at 935mm. Be sure to repeat this process on another 1m length of aluminum rod.

Once that is completed, cut another three 500mm lengths of the aluminum rod to form three horizontal struts. The vertical struts will go onto your horizontal struts at points of 125mm, 250mm, and 375mm. Then, take the vertical struts you have welded with hoops and mark out guides at 0mm, 440mm and 875mm which is where they will intersect with the horizontal struts. Weld the vertical structs to your horizontal struts using your markings as a guide.

After, take another two lengths of aluminum rod measuring 1m each and solder them to either side to make the external side vertical struts. Take another 1m length of aluminum rod and bend it into an arch to create the top of the vertical structure. Weld the ends to the outer side vertical struts. Lastly, take a 1m length of aluminum rod, cut a piece 365mm and weld together to create the center upright. Be sure to weld all intersecting points and then add two top upright 325mm sections and weld into position. Finally, add 11mm support struts, two per hoop. In total you will have 12 struts. Once your structure is complete, paint if you wish and mount onto the wall using metal brackets or hooks.

If this sounds a little too complicated, or if you are tight on time, contact us at Marek’s Construction and Maintenance. Let our expert team take care of it for you. We offer comprehensive garden services, from essential maintenance to large-scale landscaping. Let us keep your natural spaces as beautiful and functional as the day they were planted. Email or contact us to speak to one of our Handyman in Tweed Heads who will help you get your garden and vertical spaces summer ready!