Sustainable Landscaping Tips For Your Burleigh Heads Property

‘Sustainability’ has become somewhat of a buzz word over the past few years, and for good reason! Sustainable living aims to cause as little harm as possible to the environment, and this extends to landscaping as well.

At Marek’s Maintenance and Construction we firmly believe in sustainable landscaping and in this blog we share some of our top tips for your Burleigh Heads property.

What is Sustainable Landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping is landscaping that is fully self-sustainable and functional. Sustainable landscaping focuses on doing as little harm to the environment as possible by implementing water saving techniques and the use of natural materials. This type of gardening has many benefits to the homeowner and, once set up, saves them time, water and energy, while still looking beautiful as landscaping should.

Water Conservation

No sustainable garden would be complete without effective water conservation. You can conserve water by collecting roof runoff in a rainwater tank. You can use this water to water the plants in your garden by implementing a water-saving irrigation system. Our handymen and landscaping experts are able to help you create an effective irrigation system in your garden to help you save on water consumption.

Create an Ecosystem

Burleigh heads is home to an array of local fauna and flora. Creating and nurturing an ecosystem in your garden adds to the local biodiversity, brings in the birds and the bees, and is a fundamental step in creating a more sustainable garden. You can begin to nurture an ecosystem by planting flowers and other plants that pollinators will find attractive. In addition, be very careful as to which insect sprays are used in your garden as most are very harmful to birds and other helpful insects such as bees.

Use Recycled/Recyclable Elements

When it comes to outdoor furniture and flooring, it is best to use materials that are at the very least recyclable. These materials include wood, glass and iron. Another way to be eco-conscious is to purchase second-hand garden items and furniture. Our expert carpenters at Marek’s Maintenance and Construction are able to come up with eco-friendly designs to suit your outdoor furniture needs.

Our professional team can meet all of your sustainable landscaping in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. Call us today on 0438 530 001.