Try These 4 Landscaping Trends to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

This the season to be jolly and fortunately, for those of us in the southern hemisphere, it’s also summertime. This means that everywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous gardens in full bloom. Landscaping can help to beautify your Tweed Heads property and boost its value, while also adding some entertainment value for you and your guests. If you feel like your landscaping is a little dated or boring, this blog is for you. Here, we discuss our favorite landscaping trends this season.

Summer Trend #1: Add Furniture & Features Made from Natural Materials

Landscaping isn’t only about planting flowers. There are many ways to incorporate nature into your exterior. Wooden swings or benches, stone paving and pebble mosaics make great additions. In this way, your garden gives a nod to nature’s multifaceted attributes.

Summer Trend #2: Manicures Aren’t Only for Nails

Many Aussies bring out their best manicure designs in the summer. Clean trims, polished finishes, and refreshing colour is the order of the day. Who said you couldn’t apply all these elements to your landscaping. Impeccably manicured gardens are a mark of luxury and can serve as artistic statements as well. Your exterior will feel like the outdoor quarters of a palace once it’s complete.

Summer Trend #3: Plant a Mini Edible Garden with Your Favourite Herbs & Vegetables

Who doesn’t like to eat? Wouldn’t it be special these holidays to cook with onions, tomatoes, thyme, and mint from your own backyard garden? You could even donate some of your harvest to charity!

Summer Trend #4: Go Big & Bold with Tropical Plants

Larger-than-life greenery with plush leaves, towering trees, and bright, exotic flowers – these are the ingredients for the perfect tropical garden. Who said you need to go away to experience the perfect holiday hideout? If you prefer to enjoy downtime in your own space over the festive season, you can spend time creating your own little tropical haven. Top it off with a small fountain or rock pool and the picture’s complete.

Whatever you choose to go for, make sure it matches your style and the rest of your house. You should be able to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Our team can help you achieve this. Contact us today for landscaping in Tweed Heads.