Why Your Home Improvement Project Probably Needs The Help Of A Carpenter

When dealing with home maintenance and improvement projects, you may not immediately think of incorporating carpentry. However, an expert carpenter can truly add value to your home and assist in many home renovation and improvement projects.

At Marek’s Maintenance and Construction, we have expert carpenters in both Tweed Heads and Melbourne. Some of our most popular services, when it comes to carpentry home improvements, include:

Feature Timber Fences

Timber and decking fences are absolutely gorgeous and make excellent feature fences. They are also sturdy and strong, as well as highly durable and built to last a lifetime. Feature timber fences are perfect for adding character and value to your home.

Boundary Fences

Need a boundary fence to outline your property, keep the pets in and intruders out? Carpenters can create amazingly sturdy wooden fences that do the job they’re intended to do and to your exact specifications and deadlines.

Termite Damage Repair

Unfortunately, in the Tweed Heads area, as well as most of the rest of Australia, is riddled with termites. Make sure you get any termite damage to your home repaired immediately and with the help of a carpenter that knows what they’re dealing with. Any damaged wood will need to be cut out and replaced to stop the spread of the termites.

Custom Storage

Every home needs good storage. Why not have custom storage built to your exact specification? And as far as style goes, you can never go wrong with good, old-fashioned wooden storage for a classy and timeless look. Get a carpenter on the job to assist you in creating something totally unique that fits your space perfectly.

Partition Walls

As your family grows, you may want to split up and divide parts of your house with partition walls. A professional carpenter is able to build quality and sturdy partition walls from wood, and is probably your most convenient option when it comes to partitioning off parts of your home.

Needing the services of a professional carpenter in Tweed Heads? Marek’s Maintenance and Construction provides expert carpentry services in the Tweed Heads area, as well as on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne. Call us today for a quote!